The Name of the Wind

바람의 이름

9min 31sec


Windfish(The name of the Win), 2004, kimpo field, Korea

This is a performance to be a property of nature which revolves forever. First of all, I alter the musician Ji-ho Jeon, into a monad. Then we become one mass in order to revolve forever. Now I call Jeon in the name of the wind who like the name ‘father’, the concept of Jacques Lacan

A Period of the image video

표상의 시대



floating the I  180x180cm  oil on canvas 2002

floating the I  installation 2002


1) Floating ‘I’

A leader guiding people circles the Chair of Awakening. He finds enlightenment after undergoing a Chair of Sociality, a Chair of Nature, a Chair of Will, and a Chair of Image. 


2) Enlightenment (覺(‘Gak’))

People do not understand their leader for worshipping the dog, ‘Gak’. Then some women try to climb up to the Chair of Awakening doubtfully. The leader faces with the women and men. They bow to each other awkwardly, and he leaves them with the dog.


3) A Period of the Image

The people feel lost without their leader. The women climb up to the chair following the leader. They undergo all the chairs, and become enlightened of subjectivity, freedom and will. The solidarity of the people gets crumbled under a confrontation between the women’s will and the men’s totality. Then the women persuade the men to gather the chairs, and they finally achieve a compromise between totality and subjectivity. The men ascend to the chair and become enlighten of their ‘I’ as well. The people who achieved the enlightenment of ‘I’ are going through discord intensely now. Under the languages that they cannot understand each other and their conflict, they eventually create an image. They bury their will, and find an instable peace after enshrining the image on the chair.

A seeker after truth 

구도자 求道者