My Thought


I draw all the information I  have learned from my personal experience. This behavior is closely related to my attitude toward my work and my way of looking at the world.

I consider an individual similar to a knot related to many other knots in the center of the globe. The knot is beyond  time and space. It is  invisible so that we cannot  touch it nor regulate it.

In my paintings, there  are many knots.  Diverse information on  such issues as  political violelnce, torture, culture, ancient  heritage, sex, love, homosexuality,  religion, missionaries, history, mystery, and science are all intertwined in these knots.

In order to  interpret my  paintings, I  classify these  knots into  six categories:  society, religion, history, science, need, and love.

I try to search  the meaning of  self in the  reflected fractions of these  six knots. Since things and events surrounding me will anyway influence me, I  will be able to find myself if I trace the influence.

As a means of tracing,  I take a funnel.  A funnel in my  paintings appear as a medium which links the confusion of unrelated events to the world of order. Another symbol of my paintings is a face which has various sensory organs. The face and head is  a miraculous computer which processes  information at  a surprising speed   showing a multiple   and three-dimensional self.

The knots of events, funnels, and faces reveal my candid opinion on the world.

In a sense, my paintings seem to solve my confusion.

In general, the power of a painting becomes stronger when it expresses direct experience. I consider the scope of experience very wide. I define all  the stimuli which are captured  by the  senses, as  hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and  touching  as direct  experience.   So I  do  not hesitate  to  draw all the phenomena which I sense. The  image of a face symbolically represents the scope  of my experience.

The wider the scope of  experience becomes, the further the  boundary of expression and imagination will be expanded and the freer will our consciousness become.