Spiral Circulation Structure



Ophelia’s death can save Hamlet. In order to accomplish Hamlet’s revenge, Ophelia dies. History, art, and society are tied tightly together in a net. Small equal spaces in the net allow communication to occur with the outside world. The thin threads of the fishing net are thinner than the spaces. Originally, there was no net. There was no purpose. The net was made by people. Despair, hatred, love and freedom were made in order to oppose these ideas. To pursue a certain idea, an opposing idea must be established beforehand. Also, there is a struggle for that opposing idea. We struggle for the sake of struggle. We establish for the sake of establishment. There exists different level of words for both emotions.


The repetition of self-identity is not the identical circulation or samsara, it is like a spiral spring structure. The spiral link meet in similar form. Genealogy contines but contains both values of identity and difference. Oneself gives birth to oneself, and kills oneself. Spiral circulation structure is related to the myth of Dionysos, the carnival, madness of civilization, violence and savagery. It is before the time of Enlightenment, socialization and structuralization, but we are able to think in such a way due to enlightenment. I pursue contradiction and paradox.


To be castrated. We must castrate our desire, but it is impossible. The object of castration does not exist. In order to castrate, we create an object and fight. The object is the desire and the MacGuffin. For the sake of castration, we make an object, make swords, build up our physical strength and train ourselves. Eventually, we castrate and willingly get castrated. Self-denial and pleasure towards castration can be carried out simultaneously. Desire is the MacGuffin because there was no object to begin with.


rhizome tree

magic forest

macguffin desire


We do not live for the sake of purpose, we pursue purpose in order to live. We set an object of our desire in order to desire. When we mature through the exchange of our gaze and our whole becomes divided, we must pass through the passage of the death of O-palus and Ophelia. We become part of linguistic structure and the structure of civilization. The mesh is sturdy, but the treads woven together are thinner than the spaces between them. Unless the spaces are not of the shrimping net, they are big and wide, have a lot of air. I focus on the spaces between the fine threads. The spaces are filled with limitless possibilities. They are sensational and spontaneous. They are the pavilion, where air can freely go in and out. They represent nature itself remained intact with potentiality.


I focus on the spiral circulation of structure. This structure is different from the gigantic circle of samsara. It shows the possibilities of microscopic implosion of density of number, rabbit’s Achilles tendon and Zeno’s arrow rather than the limitless space expanding. Self-replication is different from self-regeneration or eternal life. Self-replication is possible only through self-extinction. Is existence possible? Is phenomenology possible? Existence is a reality shown through frowning and slippery. A phenomenon caused by the connection between the virtual and the real world – Augmented reality, according to Plato, it is called ‘dramatic.’ (the difference between the words ‘performance’ and ‘dramatic’) A phenomenon is the line of resistance of the mind. It is the product of the boundary line between the conscious and the unconscious from the war of the images.


Reset is impossible. It is the human condition. Unlike animals, the period of education for humans is too long. In pursuit of sameness, humans weaved a net in the name of civilization. Rather than avoiding the net in order to pursue freedom, we have made the concept of freedom and the mesh in order to avoid the net. Being lonely and anxious is natural. There is no reason. A loose net like utopian place or time point is a Dionysiac space before the Enlightenment. It is filled with ambivalence and Rabelais’ carnival dances. Praise for a desire that is ambivalent and like a snake, that is surging, crawling and steaming everywhere. Praise for savagery. Either way, humans are sad. Acknowledge that I am an animal. I am like the fallen leaves rolling around until they become a mass of an organism after being burnt. when I acknowledge my being as the object of nature, my sadness and existence become extinct. (My nobility was established afterward)


Become a hybrid. Verify by using a syntagmbrid. Become a syntagmbrid. It is the mixing and the cunning courtesy. According to the slave dialectic, those who train become overthrown and self-denial is a choice of oneself. To live, we must die. Free will comes from the act of opposing. The act of opposing is the greatest gift given to humans. The act of opposing is a sine qua non circulation. Filling empty spaces(referring to spatiality-related to gravity), air moving to a rarefied place(the first principle of all things is air – Anaximenes, referring to the possibility and speed of motion), opposing of the phenomenon(referring to free will and creativity) able spiral circulation link.


Ultimately, was the necessity of the net, which is the agreed MacGuffin, constructed afterwards so that a wide variety of people could live together? Just like a wagging tail shakes a dog, we pursue a purpose in order to live. We look at the rainbow to feel the beauty. The mesh is the product of compromise. The difference created by the baseball field, pro wrestling, games, comfortability of the non-physical war of simualtion, and reflected reality of narcissism force us to discipline ourselves to soak up in comfortableness.


Compared to animals, the period of education for humans is too long. Entering the linguistic process does not make surviving alone in the society any easier. Frowning and slippery experienced through a long period of education create misunderstanding, and it becomes fixed. A despair experienced without knowing becomes a human condition. I am interested in the condition of beast in man hidden away from us due to the mechanism of civilization. Civilization has suppressed the eruption of animality. In order to continue self-identity, Conatus must eat, drink, produce and excrete. The necessity of eating led to war, gave reason, and established ideology. Decolonization is the opposite of colonization. The existence of reason, the opposite being, is produced. Drinking created the difference between civilization and culture. Apollo invited Dionysus. Production created children and splendid words for love. Fabulous new world only produces a man who is different from an animal, In order to keep maintenance of self-identity, the difference between man and animal become stimulated from the manual aspect, and the mesh are more closely-woven.


Therianthrope Humans should pursue animality.